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The Tifany bedroom literally takes your bedroom to a high level, through its dynamic aspect, which gives the feeling that it gracefully and elegantly flies through the room. The emphasis on the plain beauty takes shape, as the base of the bed is diligently hidden. Thus, what is revealed is the imperious, angular style of the oak wood with the rustic elements and the covering in MDF along with a feeling of softness and relaxation, through the fabric cover. The fabric on the headboard offers you a sense of safety and absolute rest that is confirmed by the comfortable pillows which can get in and out very easily. The aesthetics dance continues with the presence of the nightstands and the dressing table, which bring earthly touches to your space and offer a discreet presence which is achieved through the automatic mechanism of the drawers, in order for them to open and close without any additional noise and protrusions. The perfect beauty at the level of form and content perfectly characterizes the TIFANY bedroom.

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